Edward R Murphy

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(Chosen Chronicles Book 3)



Chilling New Release

Experience this author as never before.  Edward R. Murphy deviates from his previous novels as he delves into the uncensored and twisted mind of a sociopath.

Steve Gray finally did what he has wanted to do since he was a teen. He has murdered his parents. Standing to inherit over a million dollars, he knew he had to make it look as if his father had killed his mother and then turned the gun on himself. Like most murderers Steve committed the ultimate sin, he made a mistake. Mistakes have to be covered up and witnesses must be erased.

Faced with an entity that quickly overtakes his psychotic mind and a Detective named Isaac Blackstone, Steve begins to leave a trail of bodies that will soon lead back to him. His final mistake is made when he attempts to take out the people who will surely bring him down.



 Edward R Murphy's Novel Broken!

Anyone Can Be Broken

Jared Stover is kidnapped by a stranger from the past. Caged and out of options, he is beaten and tortured.

Henry Walters is sent on a mission to find him. Struggling with his sinful past, Henry is torn between faith and fear.

Alejandro Escobar is a drug lord with nothing to lose.

Faced with ruthless angels that will do anything to tear down the Chosen, each must overcome his own demons.


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Reviews for Broken

"Explosive and Bold.  Thunderous, Lightning quick pace! Brings you to the edge! The storyline grabs you by the throat and never lets you go. Spine tingling suspense. Loved every word."  (5 Stars)  by: Byron Mathis

"Twisted Mind Games.  Roman and Levi gave me goosebumps, and Lucian was pure evil incarnate! The ending made me shiver!"  (5 Stars)  by: Tonya Spencer

"Spiritual Warfare.  This book shows that God can deliver us from any situation, but we can't let our guard down. We have to use the shield of faith in order to be protected. This book hooked me from the start, reeled me in closer and closer, until I was consumed by it. Fantastic read! Highly recommended!"  (5 Stars)  by: David Wright 

Don't forget Chosen!

 Spiritual War is on the doorstep.

Henry is a deviant with twisted fantasies. Reggie is an Indian, not so proud of his heritage. Their lives are set on a collision course by two strangers appearing in the heat waves off the burning Arizona sand. Neither can imagine the impact, when their lives run together. Neither can fathom the result of the choices they are about to make.

Choices that could cost someone their eternal soul.


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Reviews for Chosen

     ".......should be a movie someday......."  (5 Stars)  by: James2345    

    "It was such a nice change of pace from the other kinds of books I have been reading. Captured my attention from word one and kept me glued to the pages throughout. I cried when Reggie was faced with his choice.      (5 Stars)   by: Nora Sadler

    "Chosen is a must read. I am an avid reader of Christian books and I must say that everything out there seems to be romantically based. This was a nice change of pace to the Christian book world. This guy is on to something with some kind of new mind set about what is happening all around us. Killer storyline. It is nothing like anything you have ever read before. Trust me." (5 Stars)  by: Tracy Duke 88

    "Wow is an understatement! I have read this darn book three times in a row......."  (5 Stars)  by: sroenthol

    "....... I love the plot. I love the characters. I love the book. Period."  (5 Stars)  by: nationwidecrosscheck 

    ".......Was blown away several times by the twists and turns. Edward R. Murphy will surely be one of the greats......."  (5 Stars)  by: in-spades

    ".......Anyone that loves to read books, not just Christian books, will absolutely love this......"  (5 Stars)  by: christianbrotherbrad book.

    "Epic Success......."  (5 Stars)  by: Doc18545

    "Highly Recommended......."  (5 Stars)  by: Debbie Franklin33


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